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alstroemeria 18 pcs., net
Pink Perfection
  • Save 45%
alstroemeria 12 pcs., felt wrapping
$80.00 $44.00
rose 5 pcs., bush chrysanthemum 4 pcs., alstroemeria 1 pcs., felt wrapping, greenery
alstroemeria 7 pcs., gerbera 5 pcs., ribbon
rose 10 pcs., quill chrysanthemum 8 pcs., felt wrapping, greenery
rose 5 pcs., bush chrysanthemum 3 pcs., net, greenery
rose 11 pcs., bush chrysanthemum 3 pcs., ribbon, greenery
rose 12 pcs., net, greenery
rose 30 pcs., ribbon
rose 12 pcs., ribbon
bush chrysanthemum 10 pcs., net
rose 7 pcs., bush chrysanthemum 5 pcs., greenery, basket
rose 8 pcs., bush chrysanthemum 3 pcs., carnation 6 pcs., limonium 3 pcs., greenery, basket, oasis
bush chrysanthemum 12 pcs., limonium 4 pcs., greenery, basket
rose 12 pcs., net

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I have been living in Florida in Miami for almost ten years now since I moved out of Saint Petersburg. Many of my friends and relatives were left there and we often kept in touch with each other by talking over the phone, writing postcard and communicating vie social networks. My sister’s son was serving in the navy and as his contract was about to expire, me and my husband have decided to organize flower delivery to Saint Petersburg when he arrives. It was such a great idea because we all really worried about him. He was a very strong man but in today’s unstable work you never know what is going to happen and we were very happy for him that he is going to come back home well. Arranging flower delivery was not a problem at all but nor me or my sister did know when exactly he is going to arrive home. I have talked to her on several occasions and she said that either he wants to make a surprise on purpose or the system in the army was a little bit complicated for her. Anyway, we have agreed that we something is known she notifies me so that I was going to be able to go for the same day flower delivery to Saint Petersburg when our nephew arrives home.

In a few days time, I received a phone call from my sister. She was overexcited and very happy. It was needless to say anything as I understood that her son has arrived home. I congratulated her and said how much I am happy for her and for him to be home after so many years away. After we finished talking, me and my husband got to the computer to find a company in FL nearby that can do cheap flower delivery Saint Petersburg for our nephew. The search did not take very long as a huge list of different companies appeared on the screen of our computer.

The next thing we ought to have done was to look at few firms address and whatever company is going to be near their home address may have been a potential service provider to us. It was subject to whether the Saint Petersburg could do same day delivery.

We have been looking and consulting each other for several minutes, sharing the opinions and trying to find the right solution. We also looked at the range of products each flower shop was to offer for the customers and finally we believed that the firm in Florida we were looking for has been found.

We were so happy for ourselves, as at this sea of different stores the final decision may have taken ages to be made. The florist was perfect and ideal for me and my husband. We have decide that I will use my woman’s taste to choose the right bouquet that I feel is appropriate and he is going to observe and use his man’s wisdom to see whether I do the right things as well as he is going to make the payment.

It was very difficult to choose the right bouquet at the website of the florist in Saint Petersburg at first because the amount of bouquets was so huge, it was enormous and all of them were so beautiful. Unfortunately, I had to choose the only one and I had to do it quick because I felt that my husband really starts to lose his temper and he had to make the payment so I had to rush a little bit.

I have chosen a bouquet that featured a dozen of yellow roses. It was such a nice composition that I hoped he would have loved but I did not know his taste. I then decided that I am going to use some additional items and have added a large basket, which was full of different fruits because I felt that it was a right thing to do and it suited the flowers and the occasion of his return from the navy accordingly. My husband was about to make the payment before I was going to send flowers for my nephew. He was extremely patient and made the payment for us.

Apparently, our gift has been sent because we received the email notification with the invoice almost immediately, confirming that we did order flowers earlier on that day. I talked to my nephew in the evening as well as my husband did. I did not hear him for a long time and was very happy to hear his voice. He also was the happiest person in the world to hearing from me and said how pleased he is for the fact that I have sent flowers and fruits for him.